I love…Food!

The Work Itself

This assignment is titled “What Do You Love?”. The instructions are to “choose something that you love and make a video of it! My assignment is titled “I love Food“, it can be found on my YouTube channel. You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources!”. This assignment is rated 3.5/5 stars for difficulty. I created a YouTube video of various food images.

The Story Behind The Story

I love food, all types and sorts of food. I especially love breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast will result in a good morning, and it starts the day off a good note. A hobby of mine is cooking, and eating, mostly eating. I want to try different cuisines, because there are so many good foods that can be prepared in a multitude of ways. For example eggs can be prepared “sunny side up”, “over-easy”, “poached”, or “scrambled”, and the list goes on.

The Process, Narrated
I created a mental list of my favorite breakfast foods and drinks. I then googled each item, found an image and then downloaded each image. I then went into YouTube Video Editor and uploaded all my breakfast images. I dragged each photo individually to the editing bar. I created a text of the food to each image (i.e. “Eggs” for the image of eggs). I trimmed each photo to three seconds. I created a intro title slide and inserted text into it and trimmed it to 3.5 seconds. I then created a conclusion slide with text and trimmed that to 3.5 seconds as well. When the editing was completed, I published it to my channel. Here are a few photos documenting my process. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.13.05 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.14.55 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.14.30 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.20.53 PM

Will Ferrell Highlights

The Work Itself 

This video assignment is titled “Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel“. Its instructions are to “create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of your most enjoyable movie scenes from your favorite Actor/Actress”. It is rated by the public 4/5 stars for difficulty. I created a YouTube video of my favorite scenes and clips of Will Ferrell and mashed them together to make a highlight reel. Will Ferrell is one of the funniest, and goofiest actors I have ever seen. My video is titled “Will Ferrell Highlights“, it is on my YouTube channel.

The Story Behind The Story 

Will Ferrell is one of the funniest actors of my time. Every movie of his is a comical. My favorite Will Ferrell movie is “Talladega Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby“. There are so many great scenes and clips of Will Ferrell, so I wanted to a create a compilation of his funniest moments in television. If there ever becomes an award for most comical actor in the last decade or even century, then viewers will be inclined to nominate Will Ferrell after watching this video. I have seen almost every movie that Will Ferrel stars in, and have laughed at every film.

The Process, Narrated 

I cut and pasted several clips from a handful of Will Ferrell YouTube videos. I downloaded the videos using http://en.savefrom.net/. I then opened QuickTime Player and loaded the video I had just previously downloaded. In QuickTime, I trimmed the video to use only the portions I want. I did this by dragging the yellow bar to the left and right in the timeline. Right after, I clicked “TRIM” to complete the editing. I saved the video, and inserted it into YouTube video editor. In the video editor, because the video is edited, I simply just dragged it into the “insert video” section, created a title slide and that was it. I uploaded it to my channel and published it to the public. Here are some photos documenting the described process. 



Lights Out (Highlight Reel)

The Work Itself

This assignment is titled “Highlight Reels”, its instructions ask to “channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music, and add an intro.” It is rated 5/5 stars for difficulty. I created a YouTube video using individual clips from other YouTube videos. I created a highlight reel of Mike Tyson knockouts in his professional boxing career. I chose what I thought to be his best knockouts. By best I mean power, speed, and skill.  My title for the video is “Lights Out”, it can be found on my YouTube channel.

The Story Behind The Story

Mike Tyson was one of the greatest boxers of all time. In his prime he can be compared to Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Roberto Duran, and Floyd Mayweather in terms of talent, accomplishments, and greatness. Of his 50 wins, 44 came by way of knockout. He was bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone else in his weight class in his prime. He knocked out Trevor Berbick in the second round in November 1986 to become youngest heavyweight champion in history. He has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame. 

The Process, Narrated

I cut and pasted several clips from a handful of Mike Tyson boxing YouTube videos. I downloaded the videos using http://en.savefrom.net/. I then opened QuickTime Player and loaded the video I had just previously downloaded. In QuickTime, I trimmed the video to use only the portions I want. I did this by dragging the yellow bar to the left and right in the timeline. Right after, I clicked “TRIM” to complete the editing. I saved the video, and inserted it into YouTube video editor. In the video editor, because the video is edited, I simply just dragged it into the “insert video” section, created a title slide and that was it. I uploaded it to my channel and published it to the public.  Here a few photos that document my process. 

tyson 1





tyson 2





tyson 3




Maximus Kills Commodus Anaylsis

I chose this scene of when Maximum kills Commodus to analyze because “Gladiator” is one of my favorite movies. I love the storyline, acting, and cinematography.

Camera: In the beginning of the scene, the camera gives us a close up shot of each significant character involved in the scene, starting with Maximus grabbing a handful of sand and then the camera jumps from the General to Maximus to Lucilla to Commodus in that order. The lighting is constant throughout the scene, which eludes to most likely a moderately wide iris (exposure). At (00:34) before the fight, the camera offers a wide frame and is shot from above the action. With a bird eye’s view of this scene, the camera signifies Maximus’ ill luck to survive, because all of the soldiers appear in the frame as they are surrounding him. As Commodus is stabbed, we see a close up shot of both characters. The majority of these camera shots are close ups, because it is such a significant scene and the camera wants the viewers to see the facial expressions and emotional releases of the characters.

Audio: Given the circumstances of the scene there is very little dialogoue. The audio is of the fight, movements, and the crowd. The crowd’s “ooohs” and “aahhs” tell the story of the fight. The noise of the swords are a sharp bang every time they clash. The audio of the punches are intense, you can hear the flesh and bone crush the skin. After you hear the knife sink into Commodus, it is silent for about 20 seconds. Then in the background a singer’s voice starts and is the background audio the rest of the scene. As Maximums slowly dies, he whispers to Lucilla. The singer’ voice continues over their dialogue and for the rest of the movie.

Analysis: It is hard to capture fight scenes in a movie and make it realistic as possible. The reason it is hard is because a fight consists of rapid, erratic movements and often bad camera work can make a viewer nauseous. However, in my opinion the cameramen did a good job of relaying this duel onto the big screen. The audio was clear and added to the tension of the scene. The song in the closing minutes of the scene wraps up the movie.

Reed & Cane Basket Commercial

The Work Itself 

This is my second of two required video assignments for this week. This assignment is titled “DIY Product Commercial“. Its instructions were to “create a commercial for a product you have made your self. the video should be 45 seconds to 1 minute long and contain LIVE acting. no copy and past clips. submit it to you tube and tag it #ds106.” This assignment is rated 5/5 in terms of difficulty. My brother recorded a video of my advertisement, then I uploaded it to my YouTube channel. My video is titled “Reed and Cane Basket Commercial“.

The Story Behind The Story

I made this basket in a arts class in my freshman year of high school. This basket is made from only reed and cane. I weaved the reed in an intricate pattern/design under and above the cane. I colored parts of the basket in a forest green shade and weaved a diamond design on each end of the handle. This basket is in good shape and still serves its purpose of holding various items. As you can see in my commercial, it can hold tremendous weight and any shape of object. It is a must buy and if purchased now, you will receive an extra basket for free! It makes for a lovely home design and will fit in perfectly with the fall and winter seasons.

The Process, Narrated

This assignment is pretty simple. My brother recorded a video of me advertising my product on my iPhone. I emailed the video to myself so I could download it and upload it to my YouTube channel. No editing was necessary. I wrote a short description and tagged it appropriately. Below are a few photos to document the process.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.29.43 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.29.52 PM

2015 Lacrosse Goals

The Work Itself 

This video assignment is titled “Compilation Video!”. The instructions are to “pick a theme and download multiple videos from Youtube that fit the theme. Cut them up and create a compilation video by putting the clips to music.” The difficulty of this video is 3. 5 stars out of 5. I used a few different videos I found on YouTube of lacrosse goals that I used in my video, “2015 Lacrosse Goals”. I created an iMovie production, then uploaded it to my YouTube channel, titled “2015 Lacrosse Goals“.

The Story Behind The Story 

Whenever I am bored I sometimes watch lacrosse YouTube clips and videos. I have been playing lacrosse since the 4th grade, so it is a big part of my life. I enjoy watching for enjoyment, but also to improve my game. I watch other people play and try to incorporate some of their moves into my game. There are many ways to shoot in lacrosse, and I have learned new shots from watching others do them in games. For example the one hand shot and backhand shot have become popular, because Lyle Thompson became is one of the best collegiate players all time and he was known for his creative and unorthodox shots.

The Process, Narrated 

I found a few videos of college lacrosse goals on YouTube. I found the specific clips that I liked and cut them and pasted them into Google drive. From google drive, I downloaded each edited clip and added all of them into a downloads folder titled “lax” that I created. I dragged each individual clip into a new iMovie production. Each clip was already trimmed so additional editing was not necessary. I created a standard title clip and inserted text. Once I was finished on iMovie I shared it to my YouTube account.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.47.40 PM





Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.47.24 PM





Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.47.02 PM

“How To Read A Movie” Roger Ebert

How To Read A Movie” by Roger Ebert is an article that describes Ebert’s analysis of a film. I found many connections with this article to my athletics experiences. First, Ebert states that before a proper analysis can be conducted, it is vital to be familiar with the director and context/background of the film. This relates to my experiences of studying film against our opponent in lacrosse. Before breaking down the film, you should know what type of style a team likes to play and what their identity is. Going along in the article, Ebert preaches the importance of pausing the film occasional to break down what has happened, what is happening, and what might happen, as well as study the techniques and elements being incorporated. My lacrosse coach will stop and start clips from a lacrosse game multiple times to better describe what is on display so that I and the team can understand what a player or team is specifically doing at specific point in time.

The most intriguing part of this article is Ebert’s description of character positioning and its significance. Ebert claims that often characters positioned on the right side of the image are positive, and characters on the left are negative. I have never thought of this and have not noticed it. The next time I watch a movie, I will pay attention to this and see if it is true.

I went on to watch three additional videos of filmmaking. The video Camera Angles and Techniques” explains how to shoot deceptive camera angles, including the zolly shooting technique and why you should include multiple different angles. The zolly adds drama by creating a disorientating visual experience. Camera placement is essential when shooting action scenes. Different angles will make the video more dynamic and dramatic as well as enhance the illusion of depth. Camera angles can change the message, ideas, and emotions behind a project.

The second video I watched was “2011 A Space Odyssey – match cut“. A “match cut,” is when two shots with similar compositional elements are joined (in this case, obviously, the bone and the space station). These types of cuts are often used for simply aesthetic reasons, or, as in this case, to suggest a metaphorical or thematic connection.

The third and final video I watched was “Examples of Editing Techniques“. This video introduced and explained the multitude of editing techniques that can be used in filmmaking. My favorite techniques are flash cuts, and a slow motion/montage. A flash cut occurs when two geographically separate characters are performing an action and the camera cuts rapidly back and forth between the two to increase the tension of the scene(s). A prime example of a flash cut occurs in “Silence of the Lambs”, as the SWAT team surrounds the house.

From watching the short videos and reading Ebert’s article I learned a tremendous amount of filmmaking. There is so much that goes on behind the screen that I and the majority of the general population are unaware of. Having acquired a little knowledge of film production, I will be able to assess films more accurately and also be more appreciative of a good movie or television show.


Grumpy Desperados Radio Show

First, I want to say thank you to my group members; Sean, Kelsey, Adam, and Andrew for their hard work and contributions.

Right away my voice volume is too low in comparison to the background music. My voice could be more clear, there are a few times I stumble with my words and freeze up. This is a result of not enough practice recordings, that is my fault and my responsibility. Another thing I could have done to improve is introduce my sub sections of the history. For example I could have stated European history and then continue to elaborate.

The sounds effects are a little over the top. I noticed that during the costumes segment, I can barely hear Andrew’s voice over the the various sounds. Next time, we can keep the sounds but lower the volume and only play the sound effects for a short periods of time (time frame 17:40-21:20).

Our radio show is cohesive and stitched together. Adam introduces the topics that will covered and states the speaker of each topic in a particular order. After the completion of each topic, there is a smooth transition with an instrumental piece. There is also breaks in the short story so as to keep the listener engaged, (time frame 11:13- 11:32).

Our story is effective because it is about halloween, which is this upcoming weekend. People will be drawn into the show since almost everyone can relate to halloween. Our content applies to all ages. Little kids and college students may want to know what the trending costumes are. Adults may be interested in the history, etc.

Overall I would rate our show 4 out of 5 stars. Our content was well thought out and we definitely had plenty of information, but the presentation of that content can be improved. Thank you again to my radio team!

The Verge Radio Show Review

First, congratulations on a job well done to Stephanie King , Ashlyn Runk,  Emma Sax, Miranda Skinner, and Amanda Wassenberg on their radio show. I enjoyed listening to it, because I could relate to the theme of the show. I play lacrosse here, and love exercising. A hobby of mine is exercising. I hope to be a strength and conditioning coach for a professional or collegiate athletic program.

For the most part the audio sound remained consistent throughout in terms of volume and levels. There were a few hiccups along the way where the volume spiked or dipped, but that is to be expected from using SoundCloud and not performing in a sound proof booth. I did not hear any background noises, such as mouse clicks or chatter. The fact there is no background noise suggests the group was well-prepared and organized.

Every transition was about 10 seconds or less. It incorporated a soft instrumental that I thought fit the production perfectly. The music was soft and calm, which correlates to the voice recordings well. The edits are sharp and concise. I liked how the music background matched the tone and attitude of the radio segment. For example during the Alzheimer’s facts there is a depressing instrumental (time frame 4:28). This correlates well because Alzheimers is an unfortunate and negative condition. The music is very effective in this radio show, because it is not too loud to the point that it is distracting but loud enough for the listener to hear and it reinforces the message.

This radio show is very organized, easy to follow, and has a strict structure. The opening lists the topics that will be covered in order and the group does present each topic in the same order as they stated. Before the start of a new topic, the topic will be addressed so it is easy to follow along with the show. There is a 10 second (more or less) transition between each segment that has a music instrumental to go along with it.

This show drew me in right away when they said it is about physical and mental health. It was easy for me to pay attention because I am already interested in these topics of discussions.

Overall I rate this show 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have no significant issues with it, besides the typical nit-picky errors. My one problem or negative is that Stephanie King’s audion recording is significantly quieter than the rest of the show (time frame 10:17-10:42). Again, this production is well done, creative, informative, and most importantly captivating.




Which SOA Character Are You?

The Work Itself

This assignment is titled “BuzzFeed Personality Quiz“. Its instructions are to “sign in with BuzzFeed to create a community account (you can use gmail). Then start making a quiz for people to find out which character they are. Use any characters you like. There must be at least 3 results with descriptions and at least 6 questions. Be sure to include photographs as well. Once you have made the page publish it and share.” Its difficulty rating is 3.5 stars.

In my Quiz, there are five results, and six questions. Each question has five answers, one answer to match with each character. A result will be generated based off a culmination of your answers. Son’s of Anarchy is a Netflix original television show. It is a fictional story of a motorcycle club/gang in Northern California. My quiz is a personality quiz to determine which character of the club an individual best resembles.

The Story Behind The Story 

This past summer I began watching “Sons of Anarchy”, right now I am on season four. I love the show and I enjoy taking the BuzzFeed personality quizzes. I saw this assignment and I knew I wanted to create a  “SOA” character quiz. I only used five characters from the show, specifically the club. There are too many characters to use all of them. The questions relate to the themes of the show. For example it is a motorcycle club so an easy question is to ask “Which bike would you prefer to ride”. Another example to prove my questions connect to themes is the question “What is most important to you”. All the possible answers are driving forces in the show, and each answer surfaces in situations where the club faces a dilemma. My result for the quiz is Jax Teller!

The Process, Narrated 

I created this personality quiz on BuzzFeed.com. This was the first quiz I have created, so it took a few minutes to understand the directions. It is a rather simple process. I created a title, and a description of the quiz. I then uploaded thumbnail images to serve as a cover photo(s) for the quiz. Then I created my five results (five characters). I downloaded an image of each character off of Google and uploaded them individually into the image boxes. I wrote a short description of each character personality in the text box. I created a six questions. For each question I wrote the header or title of the question. I uploaded an image to depict the question and pasted it into the image box. I copied and pasted the url of each image into the “image credit” box. I created five answers to each question. Each question correlates to each character. When approiptate I added pictures to each answer. I added a short text description for each answer to help the participants understand each possible answer. Again, it was a relatively easy process, “BuzzFeed” gives you step by step instructions.

Here are a few photos documenting my process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.04.13 PM
Insert downloaded image into image box         






Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.03.08 PM
add result description in text box                                      






Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.04.48 PM
created a “new post” under personality quizzes