Weekly Summary 2

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

This week definitely went smoother than last week. I am becoming more comfortable using all the technology tools and wordpress every day. I completed all the requirements for the week. I did 5 daily creates, two GIF’s, two reflections, and installed jetpack, twitter tools, flickrplugin, and askimet.

What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? What did I learn?

I learned how to make a GIF. My favorite task was the GIF of Friday Night Lights. GIF’s are cool and the fact that I now know how to make one is even better. The daily creates are fun to do. I look forward to the daily create assignments because every topic has been an enjoyable one so far. Additionally I enjoy seeing other people’s ideas and projects. Every one that I have seen has been great and I have commented on their posts to give them credit and tell them what I like about their project.

What would I do differently? Questions? 

Obviously something I would differently is try to do the larger projects earlier in the week such as the reflections because those are somewhat time confusing.

What are some of the larger issues surrounding my work? Cultural/Societal implications?

Some larger issues surrounding my work may be that people are simply unaccustomed to in-depth technology. The older generations may think it is unnecessary or confusing. Also if you have a better sports play than Odell’s Beckham catch…show me! I do not have any questions after this week. I am excited to learn new techniques next week and to improve my website/blog!


Animated GIF’s: Friday Night Lights & Odell Beckham

Reflections: Reflections

Daily Creates: TDC’s

Participation: Miranda reflection comment Baylor’s First Digital Assignment comment Kelsey’s TDC comment


Week 1 Weekly Summary

I completed all the requirements for the week. It was confusing because I have never created a website or done anything similar to an assignment like this. Organizing my website and creating the categories were the hardest tasks for me. On the other hand creating and customizing my own website was the most enjoyable for me. I learned that creating a website is harder than I imagined. I would have started this earlier because the work was time consuming. The reason it took me a while to complete the week one requirements is because I had never done anything like this before. A few larger issues surrounding my work are cultural and socially. Technology plays a huge role in both of these categories. I have the opportunity to impact and influence the cultural and social with my website. With my website I hope to persuade my audience to take my position on the topics I write about. Here are hyperlinks to my social media accounts that are affiliated with my website. Miles TwitterMiles SoundCloudMiles YouTubeMiles Flickr