Daily Create #1

I found an image of toast online and downloaded it. I used Pixler Express ( uploaded the original toast image and began to experiment with the different filters in effects in Pixler. First, I used a Creative Effect called Artfunkle. I then went to Boarders and choose Ripped Paper. I finally choose the Type filter and using Anagram wrote “Morning Perfection”. Here is the link to the photo in my flickr account, daily create #2

1st digital storytelling assignment GIF

odellI created this GIF assignment, Best Sports Play. I love watching sports and myself played football so it is easy for me to relate to the NFL and football in general. I remember watching this game and specifically this play live from last season. I believe this play was the best play of this past year in all of sports. To make this GIF I found it on YouTube, then downloaded the video, and then used MPEG StreamClip to trim the video. Finally I imported it into Photoshop and converted it to a GIF. This was the first time I created a GIF and my first time using Photoshop. That being said Photoshop is relatively easy to use. It was difficult to make it but enjoyable at the same time.



Daily Create #1

This is the first daily create assignment I have done. The assignment was to upload an image of myself to present to the class. I took a selfie with my my phone and emailed it to myself. Then I downloaded it and pasted it into my blog. Miles Flickr Selfie                                               FullSizeRender-2


Twitter Tweet

Week 1 Weekly Summary

I completed all the requirements for the week. It was confusing because I have never created a website or done anything similar to an assignment like this. Organizing my website and creating the categories were the hardest tasks for me. On the other hand creating and customizing my own website was the most enjoyable for me. I learned that creating a website is harder than I imagined. I would have started this earlier because the work was time consuming. The reason it took me a while to complete the week one requirements is because I had never done anything like this before. A few larger issues surrounding my work are cultural and socially. Technology plays a huge role in both of these categories. I have the opportunity to impact and influence the cultural and social with my website. With my website I hope to persuade my audience to take my position on the topics I write about. Here are hyperlinks to my social media accounts that are affiliated with my website. Miles TwitterMiles SoundCloudMiles YouTubeMiles Flickr