“Reel It In” (Cartoon You)

The Work Itself:

For this week I had to complete a four star design assignment of my choice. This assignment appealed to me right away when I saw “cartoon”. I am bad at drawing, but I enjoy reading comic books, so I thought it would be a fun assignment.









The Story Behind The Story:

My father took this picture on the first day of summer last year. It is a pond nearby our house. My grandparents were visiting that day, so we took a quick family fishing expedition. I love to fish here because it is quiet and a good way to relax and relieve stress. My brother and I will fish with our dad, it is great bonding time even though we may not talk much but we are all enjoying spending time together and relaxing. Comic books have had a positive influence in my life. I love Calvin and Hobbes, so this picture of me “cartoonized” makes it that much of an appealing photo.

The Process, Narrated:

I took this image off of my Facebook page. My father took this picture last summer. I then went to cartoonize.net which converted the image into a cartoon. There were three cartoon effects I could choose from, I chose the second one. After the conversion was completed, I saved the finished image, downloaded, and it uploaded it to my blog directly from my laptop.

Chocolate Sin

The Work Itself 

This assignment was a required design assignment. It is one of five design assignments for this week. Its difficulty is rated three stars. My project is a Microsoft Word document.

Suspect Board
Suspect Board







The Story Behind The Story 

This past weekend while at home my mom baked chocolate chip cookies, because I was visiting from school. My dad came up with the idea of baking cookies as a welcome back gift for me. My mom baked a dozen cookies, She said there were 3 cookies for each person. Everyone ate their cookies at different times and I had left one of my three to eat later. However when I went to eat my last one it was not there. There are three possible suspects; my dad, my mom, and my brother. I gathered some clues about each suspect. My mom was the one who baked the cookies, was most seen in the kitchen, but left the house before I put my last cookie away. Therefore she is ruled out.

The Process, Narrated 

I completed this assignment using Microsoft Word. I created text boxes for all my text and inserted arrows and equal/not equal signs which can be accessed under “tools” in Word. I copied the images from Facebook and pasted them directly into word. I squared each photo and cropped it to fit to the right of the text.

Nike Roshe Earlysville Special Edition

The Work Itself

This assignment asked to customize a pair of shoes of any type. I used Nike iD to customize “Roshe One” running shoes. This specific assignment has a difficulty level of three stars. I downloaded the app “Insta Picframes” to merge my original and customized shoes together in a frame and input a “before” and “after” text.








The Story 

I was really excited for this assignment because I love shoes and enjoy designing my own shoes for fun. My inspiration behind this specific customization is my hometown, “Earlysville”. I wanted to make a pair of shoes that represent “Earlysville”. I live in the woods so thats why I chose a woodland camo design. My home is not flashy, so for the rest of my colors I chose black, white, and grey instead of bright colors. Obviously the letters on the heel spell out “Earlysville” to draw attention that I am proud of where I am from. Honestly I may purchase these customized shoes, because I like them so much.

The Process, Narrated

Nike iD lists the steps of customization of a shoe in order. The directions are very clear, making the process to iD shoes really easy. For each part of the shoe, you can choose your design and then color. For the toe design I chose a woodland camo graphic fleece. Then, for the overlay and heel, I made it a black prime fleece. I made the nike swoosh a tumbled grey color. Next I chose a cargo khaki lining. For the shoelace, I made it a three tone lace of black, cool grey, and white color. The next part of the shoe to customize is the midsole. I customized the midsole to be solid white with black paint speckles. Finally, the last step is the heel iD. Up to eight characters can be written onto the heel. I chose a classic font in cargo khaki color. The left heel said “EARLYS” and the right heel had the letters “VILLE”. To make my image of the original and customized shoes, I used the app ‘Insta Picframes”. I chose a simple frame and inserted the “before” and “after” text to correspond the respective shoes.

Gotham’s Maze

The Work Itself

This design assignment is a two and half star difficulty. The assignment called to create a maze, hand-drawn, or computer generated. The specific tags for this assignment are DesignAssignments, and DesignAssignments1753.

“Life Maze”

Telling the Story Behind the Story

One of my favorite comic series is “Batman”. The “Riddler” is he Riddler is a narcissist who takes delight in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his criminal plots, often leaving them as clues for the authorities and Batman to solve. So I am pretending that is a maze that Batman must solve in a given time limit or else Gotham will suffer his failure. Mazes serve as an analogy of life. My life is full of twists and turns, and more often than not I get lost and have to find my way again. Sometimes in a maze there is more than one way to solve it. Similarly I can approach life in different ways, but I believe I will end up in the same place as I was destined to end.

Narrating the Process

To create this maze I googled “make a maze”. My search sent me to puzzlemaker. This site presented multiple variations of maze designs. I chose a rectangle maze with random paths. The size of my maze is 30×30 and the number of pixels for each maze square is eight. This site is really easy to use and the maze came out well.


The Work Itself

This assignment asked to merge two business logos together to create one. I chose the “Fedex” and “Exxon” logos. These two logos mesh well they share common letters. The difficulty level of this assignment is 3.5 stars.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.37.17 PM




The Process, Narrated

I googled a “Fedex” and “Exxon” logo. I then pasted both photos into Microsoft “Pages”. I deleted “ex” part of “Fedex”. I cropped the images so they were touching each other, thus eliminating any white space between the two logos. Then, I took a screenshot, saved it, and pasted it directly onto my blog post. It was a very simple process. It merely was just erasing part of “Fedex” and then cropping and positioning the logos together.

The Story Behind the Story

Fedex and Exxon recently decided to merge together to survive and thrive in this tough economy. The fact that these two companies would merge may seem strange given that Exxon is a American multinational oil and gas corporation, and Fedex is a global courier delivery services. However since gas and oil is a necessity, the CEO of Fedex reached out to Exxon introducing the possibility of shipping and mailing gas and oil. This possibility became a reality.  The merge of both companies saved employees and families from financial disaster. Their move has incited other companies to merge all across the globe.