Weekly Summary

Daily Creates: I did three daily creates over the last two weeks. All three were about photography, I did not intentionally choose photography creates, it just happened to work out this way. Here is my week 13 & 14 daily create blog page.

Mashup Assignments: Over the last two weeks, I had to complete mashup assignments of a total of 9 stars. I did three assignments. Each assignment was essentially a image editing assignment.

Mashing Friends And Emojis: My friend, Sean was nice enough to be my model to compare his facial expression to that of matching emojis. The emojis I used were the mask emoji and the hands on cheek emoji. Here is my blog post.

Video Game Cover Mashup: I combined the game covers of Call of Duty Black Ops and Justice League Heroes. My finished game is called “Call of Duty Heroes”. It is a first person shooter video game. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

Your Favorite Teams Mashup: I combined three different sports teams logos. I used the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, Tennessee Oilers, and Atlanta Falcons. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

What is Remix: I created a soundcloud recording of my thoughts on mashups versus remixes. Please listen and follow it on my blog post!

Remix Generator Assignment: Fantastic Imaginary Buildings [Remixed]: Mood Swap“. I created a fictional building using various portions of architecture images I found on google. My building is a government top secret laboratory. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

Participation/Comments: I commented on five posts.

These past two weeks were a little more difficult in regards to the assignments. The remix assignment was particularly difficult because it required multiple pictures that needed editing.  Remix and mashup are frequently applied in our culture and media. The mashup assignments were fun, but challenging. This being said I cannot believe this upcoming week is my last week in ds106. I have honestly learned so much in the digital world from this class. I look forward to finishing this class strong!

Weekly Summary

 Over these two weeks, I was required to complete five assignments worth minimally of 16 stars (which I achieved well over) and a required video assignment. I applied my knowledge and skills that I learned from the start of this course, but especially from the last two weeks to complete all the video assignments. Video is a special aspect of technology. It is so important, and helpful to learn in life. I learned a lot this week about video, and I honestly enjoyed making the videos. Below are the assignments I completed along with a short description/summary and a link to my specific blog post of each assignment.

What Do You Love?“: Using YouTube Video Editor, I created a video of my favorite breakfast foods and drinks. My video is a collection of images of various breakfast meals. The video is “I love…Food“. Here is my blog post of my assignment.

Sports Mashup“: Here is my blog post of my assignment. It is a compilation of game winning plays from various sports (NCAAF, MLB, NBA, and NFL). Here is my video, “We Won!“. Additionally here is my blog post in which I describe this assignment in detail.

Highlight Reels“: I compiled knockout highlights of Mike Tyson from his professional boxing career. My video is titled “Lights Out“. Here is my blog post of my assignment.

Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel“: I created a video of a few of Will Ferrell funniest movie scenes of his acting career. Please watch my video “Will Ferrell Highlights” and read my blog post!

Instant Replay“: I took a prank video from YouTube of someone slipping violently. I played the original action in real time first and then repeated the action in slow motion. Here is my video “Caution: Wet Floor“, and my blog post.

Required Assignment (“Have A Conversation With Yourself!“): I am facing a dilemma of how to spend my Sunday Night. Should I watch Sunday Night Football with my friends or study biology? My brains tells me to study, but my heart tells me to watch football. My video is “Decisions, Decisions” and here is my blog post.

Daily Creates: Over the last two weeks, I completed six daily creates. Here is my Week 11 & 12 Daily Create blog page.

Participation: I commented on five blog posts of various classmates. Here is the link to my Participation/Comments blog post.


Decisions, Decisions

The Work Itself 

Have A Conversation With Yourself” is a required video assignment. Its instructions are to “have a conversation with yourself! Film yourself talking, then change clothes, hair styles, etc and then film the other half of the convo. Edit this in any movie editor program (I used Pinnacle movie maker) To overlap the two scenes so that you are talking to yourself! Play around, to figure out the most efficient way! Also, timing is everything in this! Make sure when talking to leave breaks for your other self to respond!”.  It is 5/5 for a difficulty rating. A friend filmed two separate times talking and then I used iMovie to edit and publish the video to YouTube. My video is “Decisions, Decisions“.

The Story Behind The Story 

I am trying to decide whether I should watch Sunday Night Football or study for a biology test. My biology test is in two days so half of my reasoning is I could watch the game and still have time to study. My other half says I should study as much as I can because it will be a very difficult test. My friends will be having a party while watching the game and I have not been over in a few days. However if I did watch it, I would feel guilty the next day and after the test because I did not study as hard I could have. This is a typical college student dilemma. What would you do? My final decision is…I’m watching the football game!

The Process, Narrated 

A friend filmed half of the project at a time. I talked about my reasoning to watch Sunday Night Football in the first half of the film. Once I was done talking about football, I changed clothes, changed seats, and talked about my reasoning to study. Once my friend and I were done filming. I sent the video from my phone to my email. I downloaded it and imported it into iMovie. In iMovie I matched the dialogue together to create a smooth conversation. I had to edit and drag time frames all around the iMovie workspace to do so. Once editing was finished, I shared it to my YouTube channel. Here a few photos to document my process.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.44.06 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.43.38 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.44.48 PM


Daily Create (Extra)ordinary video

This is a photo of my extended family and I eating dinner. Eating together with families is occurring less and less in our society. It is my favorite time of the day when I eat with my family. My family and I eat dinner together as much as possible at home! I used a photo instead of a video. Here it is on my twitter & Flickr.



Caution: Wet Floor

The Work Itself

This video assignment is titled “Instant Replay“, its instructions are to “choose a video or clip of an action, and then pick a part of the original clip and slow it down to create an instant replay.  Show both the original action as well as the slow-mo instant replay! Video editing software, like iMovie can come in really handy for an assignment like this!” It is rated 4/5 stars in terms of difficulty. I downloaded a YouTube prank video and imported it into iMovie. I edited the video to the proper length I wanted it and then edited the actual slip action into a slow motion replay. My video is titled “Caution: Wet Floor“.

The Story Behind The Story

Pranks are fun if you are the one pranking, but not so much if you are being pranked. I have been apart of some great pranks and thankfully have been the pranker more than the pranked. However this prank tops all of mine. My aunt buttered the floor while her son was showering. As you can see, my cousin wipes out and remains down for the count. Let it be known, do not get on my aunt’s bad side or what happened to my cousin could happen to you!

The Process, Narrated

I found a video on YouTube of a prank. I downloaded the video and converted it to a QuickTime video via http://en.savefrom.net/ . I then imported it into iMovie and edited the video to the beginning and ending of the action. I highlighted the section I wanted to put into slow-motion by dragging the yellow bars left and right and then clicked “modify”, then “slow motion”, then “50%”. Here a few photos of my process.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 2.18.06 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.55.47 PM





Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.56.30 PM