“Love Is In The Air”

The Work Itself

This is a required visual assignment. It is difficulty public rating is three stars. The instructions are to “take/find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background to your photo! It can be a true story or a completely made up one, just have fun with it!” I used an original and edited image. The original image I took from google.











The Story Behind The Story

Love does not have a singular meaning or definition. Love can mean romance, protection, comfort, etc. Today’s culture perceives love as merely sexual and sometimes shallow. However I believe love is eternal and is just as much friendship as it is a significant relationship. This elderly couple have been married for 50 years. Every morning they take a walk around the neighborhood. Today is their 50th anniversary of their marriage. To celebrate they invited family and friends over for lunch and dinner. However they wanted the morning to themselves so they can walk. While they walk they do not talk to each other, they simply observe the world around them and hold each other tight. I am thankful that I have wonderful parents and a wonderful loving family. I chose this picture because my parents like to take walks together so it made me think of their relationship and how special it is. To me this elderly couple is the perfect representation of love. Love is not flashy or glamorous, the simplicity of love is special.

The Process, Narrated

I got this image from google. I kept the original as is, but I edited the same image through PIXLR Express. I changed the color hue and created a border to sharpen the elderly couple. I also enhanced the quality of image in terms of pixels. The four pictures on the side are from google images. I pasted them into the edited image and cropped them to fit inside the border. The small pictures are of a family and a younger couple who I pretend are the same people as the elderly couple. This illustrates the cycle of life and how long they have been together, they were young and then had kids and now are grandparents.


Apophenia “Recycling Bin”

The Work Itself: This visual assignment asked to take a picture of an object and create as many augmented versions of it as possible. My object is a recycling bin in the convergence center. I chose this object because since it has a lid on top, it makes sense that fictional objects could be emerging out of it. I used clip art for two augmented photos and then drew two other augmented photos. Here are my separate flickr links to the three augmented pictures of a recycling bin.

variation 1

Fire can





variation 2

mr trash can





Flickr Links: original recycle binflowersmonsteralienfire can man


Telling the Story Behind the Story: A recycling bin may not be as it appears. Who knows what could be living down there. With all the stuff that is thrown inside, the bin takes a life of its own. The bin is a supernatural object that miraculously can grow flowers, or even monsters. This fact is not revealed to the public, because the government is studying it and is afraid it could be related to aliens.


Narrating the Process: I took the original picture of the recycling bin with my iPhone. For the augmented versions, I used Pixlr Editor. I pasted the recycle bin as the first layer and then pasted my google images such as the monster for example as a second layer. I used the tools to position the objects as I saw they best fit. For the flower augmented version, I drew the flowers using the brush and sketch tools. For the alien or human recycle bin photo and fire can man photo I had to do the most edits.

I went to new layer and choose the drawing tool and selected the circle. I created two circles for eyes and used the Paint Bucket tool and choose white as the color and poured white into the circles for the eyes.
Next, I created another layer and chose the drawing tool and selected the circle. I created two circles for the pupils and used the paint bucket tool and choose black as the color and poured white into the circles for the eyes.
 I then created a mouth. I created a circle for the mouth and used the paint bucket tool and grey as the color and poured grey into the circles for the open mouth. I created another layer, I used the brush tool and created a tongue and used the paint tool to pour in red. I input another layer, I used the brush tool again and changed the filter to the 85 star and used black for the eyebrows. Finally my last layer, I used the drawing tool to make a circle and the brush tool for the sides of a bow tie and used the paint bucket to pour in purple.


Here Kitty, Kitty 9/22/15


The Work Itself

The assignment is titled “Here Kitty, Kitty”. Instructions are to Combine two or more animals together to make it an unusual type of animal and place it in it’s natural habitat. I combined a butterfly, snow leopard, and polar bear. This animal is called a “Bearfly”.

Telling the Story Behind the Story

I chose this assignment because it seemed the most intriguing. I like animals (who doesn’t?) and it is a cool idea to combine multiple animals to create a fictional animal. A butterfly, snow leopard or polar bear would never mate naturally of course, but given modern society and advancements in science nothing is impossible. This animal is named a Bearfly, it lives in the Artic regions. Its physical attributes combine elements from a butterfly, snow leopard, and polar bear. The most exciting characteristic is that it can fly. There is no reason I chose these three animals. I just thought it would be a funny combination, and one that no one would be able to imagine.

Narrating the Process

To create this image, I used Pixlr, similar to adobe Photoshop. I googled an image of a butterfly, snow leopard tail and a polar bear. I created two layers within the Pixlr workshop. I positioned the polar bear in the background layer, then edited the butterfly in the front layer. I erased the background of the body of the butterfly and left only the wings. I edited the tail following the same procedures as I did with the wings. After it was completed, I saved the image, downloaded it to my desktop, and then uploaded it to my flickr.

Pentagon Color Changer 9/22/15


pentagon tdc
edited picture

The Work Itself

This visual assignment was created previously by a student. I had to take any picture and change the color hue of the picture to completely change its appearance, then post it on flickr to show the world! This is a google image of the U.S. Pentagon that I edited using Pixlr Express. I chose to edit this image in this particular way because 9/11 recently passed and as a tribute to those who passed away in the attacks I wanted show respect that it will never be forgotten.  I also wanted to show that a terrorist attack can happen at any time, so we must be grateful for those who protect us.

Telling the Story Behind the Story

This photo is taken from World War III. The US has been attacked by North Korea. On the morning of 9/11/2043 it was a typical day for American citizens. However at 12 pm eastern time, the capital building was bombed by nuclear weapons. The sky turned red and black from the radiation. Across the country, cities were being bombed and destroyed. America is in turmoil, a hero must rise up and save this country before it is gone.

Narrating the Process

Once I found an image of the pentagon I uploaded it to Pixlr Express. In Pixlr express I edited the color hue and borders of the image. I used a unicolor effect, called “chloe”. To edit the borders of the image, I selected the “colorfiv” option under the category “ink”. After I finished editing I saved it and uploaded it to my flickr.


“Say It like Peanut Butter” GIF

Friday_Night_Lights_3_10_Movie_CLIP_Boobie_Goes_Down_2004_HDThe story

Boobie Miles is the star running back of the Permian Panthers football team. This is the first game of the season and the panthers are crushing their opponent. Coach Gaines puts Boobie in with 2 minutes left, because the reserve running back lost his helmet. The playcall is 28 sweep. As you can see in the GIF, Boobie is injured on the play. He tears his acl and his out for the season. Right then and there everyone is Odessa, Texas believes Permian’s season is over. However the season must continue and it is up to the rest of the team to step up and compete for a state championship.

The process, Narrated

This is one of very favorite movies, so my decision to take a clip from friday night lights was an easy one. To make this GIF I found a website called makeagif.com. Once I found the clip I wanted I uploaded it from YouTube to makeagif.com. I chose for the GIF to be 3 seconds long, beginning at 00:58 and ending at 1:01. This site gives presents many options for creating a GIF. The options are from picture to GIF, YouTube to GIF, video to GIF, webcam to GIF, or to upload a GIF already created.