Appreciating Past DS106 Stories “30,000 miles in 30 seconds”

I checked out all the stories and “30,000 miles in 30 seconds” video  was by far my favorite. I really liked the movie, it was well done and fun to see the different landscapes in the US. The fact that the she drove across the country and the reasoning for doing so is what makes this story special. It is not the movie or production, but rather the story behind the scenes that makes it special and appreciative. The arc of the story begins in New York and ends on the beach of Santa Monica, California. She cut and pasted clips from the film. Each clip was the same in length, a second. Obviously this is a miniature, cut-down version of the complete iMovie road trip film, but it works well on its own. I was satisfied with the production and it captured the purpose of the film in only 30 seconds, which is an amazing feat. Her implementation of “stop motion” to depict her cross country trip was fantastic. As a result of her pasting together clips from each state, it made me feel as if I were in the car experiencing this adventure with her.