Best Set Reflection “Pimp up your Flickr”

Here is the link to my best set on flickr. These are various photos taken and compiled over the duration of this class to this point. These are my favorite photos because of the appearance, creativity, and good feelings that the photos elicit. The shadow picture is cool because you can see the shape of the shadow on the wall. The Wyoming picture is a great landscape and my aged editing turned out really neat. Another picture I especially like from this set was a daily create. I added halloween icons to a photo of a teammate and I.

The story I am trying to tell with the Wyoming photo is that I would love to visit the plains. I am a big outdoors guy, I enjoy spending time in nature and seeing the wonders of the wild.

The story I want to express regarding the halloween icon photo is friendship lasts a lifetime. I am lucky to have such great friends and as long as I have good friends then I will be alright.