Chocolate Sin

The Work Itself 

This assignment was a required design assignment. It is one of five design assignments for this week. Its difficulty is rated three stars. My project is a Microsoft Word document.

Suspect Board
Suspect Board







The Story Behind The Story 

This past weekend while at home my mom baked chocolate chip cookies, because I was visiting from school. My dad came up with the idea of baking cookies as a welcome back gift for me. My mom baked a dozen cookies, She said there were 3 cookies for each person. Everyone ate their cookies at different times and I had left one of my three to eat later. However when I went to eat my last one it was not there. There are three possible suspects; my dad, my mom, and my brother. I gathered some clues about each suspect. My mom was the one who baked the cookies, was most seen in the kitchen, but left the house before I put my last cookie away. Therefore she is ruled out.

The Process, Narrated 

I completed this assignment using Microsoft Word. I created text boxes for all my text and inserted arrows and equal/not equal signs which can be accessed under “tools” in Word. I copied the images from Facebook and pasted them directly into word. I squared each photo and cropped it to fit to the right of the text.