Nike Roshe Earlysville Special Edition

The Work Itself

This assignment asked to customize a pair of shoes of any type. I used Nike iD to customize “Roshe One” running shoes. This specific assignment has a difficulty level of three stars. I downloaded the app “Insta Picframes” to merge my original and customized shoes together in a frame and input a “before” and “after” text.








The Story 

I was really excited for this assignment because I love shoes and enjoy designing my own shoes for fun. My inspiration behind this specific customization is my hometown, “Earlysville”. I wanted to make a pair of shoes that represent “Earlysville”. I live in the woods so thats why I chose a woodland camo design. My home is not flashy, so for the rest of my colors I chose black, white, and grey instead of bright colors. Obviously the letters on the heel spell out “Earlysville” to draw attention that I am proud of where I am from. Honestly I may purchase these customized shoes, because I like them so much.

The Process, Narrated

Nike iD lists the steps of customization of a shoe in order. The directions are very clear, making the process to iD shoes really easy. For each part of the shoe, you can choose your design and then color. For the toe design I chose a woodland camo graphic fleece. Then, for the overlay and heel, I made it a black prime fleece. I made the nike swoosh a tumbled grey color. Next I chose a cargo khaki lining. For the shoelace, I made it a three tone lace of black, cool grey, and white color. The next part of the shoe to customize is the midsole. I customized the midsole to be solid white with black paint speckles. Finally, the last step is the heel iD. Up to eight characters can be written onto the heel. I chose a classic font in cargo khaki color. The left heel said “EARLYS” and the right heel had the letters “VILLE”. To make my image of the original and customized shoes, I used the app ‘Insta Picframes”. I chose a simple frame and inserted the “before” and “after” text to correspond the respective shoes.