DropBox Digital Tool

The Work Itself 

This web assignment is titled “Find a Digital Tool”. Its instructions are simple enough, “Find a cool, easy to use digital tool online! Write up a brief tutorial on how to use it, and what it can be used for. ” It is rated 3.5 stars out of 5 for difficulty.









Dropbox is a cloud service that can help you save your important files so you can access them anywhere. Dropbox will run on everything; Mac, PC, iPad, Android. It is a folder, anything placed (photos, music, documents, etc.) in this folder is automatically synchronized to the cloud. The cloud is a universal storage center. Whenever you save something onto your computer, another database far away will save it as well. That is the cloud. Whatever may happen to your primary computer, your content will be safe and secure on the “cloud”. It is free up to 2GB, after that the pricing varies depending on the GB.

Google Dropbox.com and click “download”. Once downloaded it ask you to create an account, using your existing email address. For Mac users it will appear in “finder”. For windows users it will appear as an icon called “Dropbox” onto the desktop. Let’s say you create a video and want to save it into dropbox. All you have to do is drag into the dropbox folder and you will automatically have access to it on any computer tablet or smartphone.


The Story Behind The Story

My grandparents have asked me if there is way to save their vacation photos on their laptops, desktop, and phone in a timely manner. Thankfully I know about Dropbox, so yes I told them “there is a way”. I have written up a tutorial and provided content regarding ‘Dropbox” and sent it to my grandfather. He read my instructions and properly set up Dropbox by himself and is now in the lengthy process of going through all the photos and dragging them into the Dropbox folder.

The Process, Narrated

I have not used many digital tools, probably not near as many as my classmates. However I have used Dropbox for academic and work purposes, but just to refresh my memory I leaned on some sources. I watched a few Youtube videos that describe dropbox features and provide a tutorial. The “Dropbox – Full Tutorial” video and the “Everything You Need to Know About Dropbox” video were extremely helpful. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of Dropbox.

After watching both videos I was able to comfortably describe and provide a tutorial for how to use Dropbox. I simply wrote a tutorial (see above in post) in my own words as well as elaborated on the background and what exactly is “Dropbox”.