Grumpy Desperados Radio Show

First, I want to say thank you to my group members; Sean, Kelsey, Adam, and Andrew for their hard work and contributions.

Right away my voice volume is too low in comparison to the background music. My voice could be more clear, there are a few times I stumble with my words and freeze up. This is a result of not enough practice recordings, that is my fault and my responsibility. Another thing I could have done to improve is introduce my sub sections of the history. For example I could have stated European history and then continue to elaborate.

The sounds effects are a little over the top. I noticed that during the costumes segment, I can barely hear Andrew’s voice over the the various sounds. Next time, we can keep the sounds but lower the volume and only play the sound effects for a short periods of time (time frame 17:40-21:20).

Our radio show is cohesive and stitched together. Adam introduces the topics that will covered and states the speaker of each topic in a particular order. After the completion of each topic, there is a smooth transition with an instrumental piece. There is also breaks in the short story so as to keep the listener engaged, (time frame 11:13- 11:32).

Our story is effective because it is about halloween, which is this upcoming weekend. People will be drawn into the show since almost everyone can relate to halloween. Our content applies to all ages. Little kids and college students may want to know what the trending costumes are. Adults may be interested in the history, etc.

Overall I would rate our show 4 out of 5 stars. Our content was well thought out and we definitely had plenty of information, but the presentation of that content can be improved. Thank you again to my radio team!