Here Kitty, Kitty 9/22/15


The Work Itself

The assignment is titled “Here Kitty, Kitty”. Instructions are to Combine two or more animals together to make it an unusual type of animal and place it in it’s natural habitat. I combined a butterfly, snow leopard, and polar bear. This animal is called a “Bearfly”.

Telling the Story Behind the Story

I chose this assignment because it seemed the most intriguing. I like animals (who doesn’t?) and it is a cool idea to combine multiple animals to create a fictional animal. A butterfly, snow leopard or polar bear would never mate naturally of course, but given modern society and advancements in science nothing is impossible. This animal is named a Bearfly, it lives in the Artic regions. Its physical attributes combine elements from a butterfly, snow leopard, and polar bear. The most exciting characteristic is that it can fly. There is no reason I chose these three animals. I just thought it would be a funny combination, and one that no one would be able to imagine.

Narrating the Process

To create this image, I used Pixlr, similar to adobe Photoshop. I googled an image of a butterfly, snow leopard tail and a polar bear. I created two layers within the Pixlr workshop. I positioned the polar bear in the background layer, then edited the butterfly in the front layer. I erased the background of the body of the butterfly and left only the wings. I edited the tail following the same procedures as I did with the wings. After it was completed, I saved the image, downloaded it to my desktop, and then uploaded it to my flickr.