How to be a better photographer

Blue Ridge Mountains

This photo is taken from Skyline Drive of the Shenandoah National Park. It is about one hour away from my house. The mountains are the most beautiful this time of the year because all the colors of the foliage are out and very vibrant. After paying attention to the tips of how to become a better photographer, I incorporated three tips in this photo. The tips I used were “use the best lens, put a great foreground in front of a great background, and look to the light.” I used a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens which is useful for capturing distant details. The nice part of shooting on Skyline Drive is you don’t have to worry about a great background because it naturally is already there with the mountain line. I shot this during the day with my back to the sun. At this angle I did not experience glare, but since the sun was out there was more than enough natural light for the photo. blue ridge