Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad Summary/Reflection

I watched the first two parts of Ira Glass’s segment on storytelling. I took away several nuggets from both of his videos. In the first part , there are two main building blocks of storytelling. One is an anecdote and the other is a moment of reflection. He discusses what he believes are and should be the central parts of audio stories. An audio story generally should start with an action and must have a story. The other central theme of audio stories is to raise questions and then answer those questions. He explains a moment of reflection as the purpose of the story. However Ira complains that many video pods usually have only one of the two building blocks. Either it has a great anecdote but means nothing or does have a moment of reflection but no action.

In Ira’s second part , he talks about the difficulty of finding a decent story. The key takeaway I got from this specific video is to kill the crap and enjoy the killing. You have to be tough to create anything good. Failing is okay, because it creates a situation to become lucky. A lot of broadcasting in its purest way is about luck. He goes on to say that broadcasters should only want to make something memorable or special, not mediocre.

I then watched Jad Abumrad’s “How Radio Creates Empathy” video segment. Radio is a deep act of coauthorship. He uses an example of describing the sun, he paints a picture but the listener is holding the paintbrush and has the ability to draw it as he or she imagines it. There is an immediacy with others through radio because of coauthorship. He says that radio should be dead, but because there is an intimacy that exists it inoculates this source of technology from ever dying. With radio there exists freedom of imagination and creativity. People can perceive what they hear in their own images. One person can imagine something completely different than other person despite them hearing the same words. I hope radio does not die, because if it does then so does our creativity and imagination.