Gotham’s Maze

The Work Itself

This design assignment is a two and half star difficulty. The assignment called to create a maze, hand-drawn, or computer generated. The specific tags for this assignment are DesignAssignments, and DesignAssignments1753.

“Life Maze”

Telling the Story Behind the Story

One of my favorite comic series is “Batman”. The “Riddler” is he Riddler is a narcissist who takes delight in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his criminal plots, often leaving them as clues for the authorities and Batman to solve. So I am pretending that is a maze that Batman must solve in a given time limit or else Gotham will suffer his failure. Mazes serve as an analogy of life. My life is full of twists and turns, and more often than not I get lost and have to find my way again. Sometimes in a maze there is more than one way to solve it. Similarly I can approach life in different ways, but I believe I will end up in the same place as I was destined to end.

Narrating the Process

To create this maze I googled “make a maze”. My search sent me to puzzlemaker. This site presented multiple variations of maze designs. I chose a rectangle maze with random paths. The size of my maze is 30×30 and the number of pixels for each maze square is eight. This site is really easy to use and the maze came out well.