My Ears Are Bleeding

The Work Itself 

I completed this assignment by using Garageband. I compiled and put together a collection of sounds I hear everyday. This audio assignment is rated 3 stars and is titled “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. The instructions are to “record glimpses of the different sounds you hear throughout the day, whether it be busy street noises, people talking, birds chirping, etc. and compile it into a single audio clip on SoundCloud.”

The Story Behind The Story

Everyday, I hear the same sounds throughout my day. My alarm clock goes off every morning. I then take a shower so I hear the water running. I live right off William St. so I hear cars constantly. Once I arrive on campus, I hear people talking to another, as well people texting including myself. Once I get home, I turn on the television. It seems like I hear and see an old spice commercial every time I watch television.

The Process, Narrated 

I went to YouTube and searched sounds of an alarm clock, shower, cars, people talking, texting, and an Old Spice commercial. I converted each youtube clip to an MP3, which I then downloaded. I dragged each individual download into Garageband. I trimmed each sound and organized the sounds as I hear them throughout my day. Here are some photos of the process.