Pentagon Color Changer 9/22/15


pentagon tdc
edited picture

The Work Itself

This visual assignment was created previously by a student. I had to take any picture and change the color hue of the picture to completely change its appearance, then post it on flickr to show the world! This is a google image of the U.S. Pentagon that I edited using Pixlr Express. I chose to edit this image in this particular way because 9/11 recently passed and as a tribute to those who passed away in the attacks I wanted show respect that it will never be forgotten.  I also wanted to show that a terrorist attack can happen at any time, so we must be grateful for those who protect us.

Telling the Story Behind the Story

This photo is taken from World War III. The US has been attacked by North Korea. On the morning of 9/11/2043 it was a typical day for American citizens. However at 12 pm eastern time, the capital building was bombed by nuclear weapons. The sky turned red and black from the radiation. Across the country, cities were being bombed and destroyed. America is in turmoil, a hero must rise up and save this country before it is gone.

Narrating the Process

Once I found an image of the pentagon I uploaded it to Pixlr Express. In Pixlr express I edited the color hue and borders of the image. I used a unicolor effect, called “chloe”. To edit the borders of the image, I selected the “colorfiv” option under the category “ink”. After I finished editing I saved it and uploaded it to my flickr.