Photoblitz Reflection

I chose my friend’s suite in Eagle Landing as my location for this assignment. I chose Eagle Landing because It was the most convenient place at the time and I knew I needed to take a photo of someone else so I figured I would use my friend. It was a fun experience, I did not have too much time to think or try to get the perfect photo because I wanted to get as many pictures as I could in the 20 minute window. I have never done anything like this so it was new to me. I saw some great photos, some of them look like a professional took them.

Here is a flickr link to five of my “photoblitz” photos.

Below are the links to three photos that stuck out to me. These three are the best in my opinion because of the skill, creativity, and uniqueness involved in the images.

Ashlyn Runk shadow photo. I liked her image because the shadow is easily visible, at first glance it looks like a second object. She also incorporates dark and light tones between the object and the wall which enhance the image.

Ashlyn Runk odd angle photo. This angle makes it seem as if I am looking at it through the perspective of a cat, rat, or other small animal. I say this because it is low to the ground and is at eyesight to that of a small animal and the peach appears really big.

Jonathan Chile Beach. This is simply a great photo because of the context and the fact that is a beach in Chile. It is hard to mess up a photo of that context. The colors of the sunset reflecting off the water creates an array of beautiful colors.