“Reel It In” (Cartoon You)

The Work Itself:

For this week I had to complete a four star design assignment of my choice. This assignment appealed to me right away when I saw “cartoon”. I am bad at drawing, but I enjoy reading comic books, so I thought it would be a fun assignment.









The Story Behind The Story:

My father took this picture on the first day of summer last year. It is a pond nearby our house. My grandparents were visiting that day, so we took a quick family fishing expedition. I love to fish here because it is quiet and a good way to relax and relieve stress. My brother and I will fish with our dad, it is great bonding time even though we may not talk much but we are all enjoying spending time together and relaxing. Comic books have had a positive influence in my life. I love Calvin and Hobbes, so this picture of me “cartoonized” makes it that much of an appealing photo.

The Process, Narrated:

I took this image off of my Facebook page. My father took this picture last summer. I then went to cartoonize.net which converted the image into a cartoon. There were three cartoon effects I could choose from, I chose the second one. After the conversion was completed, I saved the finished image, downloaded, and it uploaded it to my blog directly from my laptop.