A Personal Cyberinfrastructure Reflection

A personal Cyberinfrastructure. I expected this article to talk about technology as educational purposes and that is more or less what it is about. This is the first article I have read of W. Gardner Campbell. Campbell thesis or central argument is that digital infrastructures is a better way to teach in terms of production, efficiency, and collaboration than in a classroom.

The paper talked about digital infrastructures and how they can challenge traditional teaching models. Media technologies today allow us to self publish. The tools and techniques that are introduced within the class will provide the practice opportunities for me to be able to create and express my thoughts and ideas.

The class is designed as an introduction that allows us to explore digital technologies through projects. In a lot of classes the measure of understanding is done through test and quizzes. In contrast, this class is designed to allow student to create. To learn by doing and through practice. Know how is measured by being able to begin to use media to demonstrate understanding.

Engineering, architecture, computer science, and the sciences have to demonstrate knowledge through labs, and building activities. These activities challenge your understanding because you have to apply it within projects and lab activities.

To really understand something to take a concept and apply it, to be creative and make something demonstrates that you are able to use your know how.

To conclude, digital applications and technologies will always lean in the doing or making or applying direction since that is why they exist. Online education provides a model for learning that includes both knowledge as well as application.