“Say It like Peanut Butter” GIF

Friday_Night_Lights_3_10_Movie_CLIP_Boobie_Goes_Down_2004_HDThe story

Boobie Miles is the star running back of the Permian Panthers football team. This is the first game of the season and the panthers are crushing their opponent. Coach Gaines puts Boobie in with 2 minutes left, because the reserve running back lost his helmet. The playcall is 28 sweep. As you can see in the GIF, Boobie is injured on the play. He tears his acl and his out for the season. Right then and there everyone is Odessa, Texas believes Permian’s season is over. However the season must continue and it is up to the rest of the team to step up and compete for a state championship.

The process, Narrated

This is one of very favorite movies, so my decision to take a clip from friday night lights was an easy one. To make this GIF I found a website called makeagif.com. Once I found the clip I wanted I uploaded it from YouTube to makeagif.com. I chose for the GIF to be 3 seconds long, beginning at 00:58 and ending at 1:01. This site gives presents many options for creating a GIF. The options are from picture to GIF, YouTube to GIF, video to GIF, webcam to GIF, or to upload a GIF already created.