Sports Mashup Game Winners

The Work Itself 

This video assignment is titled “Sports Mashup“, its instructions are to “submit a video mashup of what you think are some of the greatest sports plays ever. What is the story it tells? This needs to be more than just a montage of clips, find a way to make it present a theme, an arc of ambition, a message about the moments.” It is rated 4/5 stars in terms of difficulty. I created a YouTube compilation video of game winning plays from this past year in the NCAAF, MLB, NFL, and NBA. My video is titled “We Won!“.

The Story Behind The Story 

Sports are fun to watch because no one knows what is going to happen at any point in time of a game. The results are unpredictable. I especially love game winning scores as time expires. It is very exciting, especially when the underdog team is on the winning side of it. I created this video of game winning plays to share with the public of everything they may have missed. Personally, I scored a game winning goal in my junior year in lacrosse. I remember the play and definitely the celebration like it was yesterday. It is one of my happiest memories, so I understand the emotions that these athletes feel when they win the game.

The Process, Narrated 

I cut and pasted several clips from numerous YouTube videos.  I downloaded the videos using I then opened iMove and loaded the videos I had just previously downloaded. In iMovie, I trimmed and edited the video to use only the portions I want. I did this by dragging the yellow bar to the left and right in the timeline. Right after, I clicked “TRIM” to complete the editing.In the video editor, because the video is edited, I simply just dragged it into the “insert video” section, created a title slide and that was it.  I saved the video, and shared it to YouTube. I uploaded it to my channel and published it to the public.  Below are a few photos to document my process. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.30.53 AM





Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.38.17 AM





Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.44.12 AM





Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.42.00 AM