The Shapes of Stories

Vonnegut draws the chart with Good Fortune at the top of the vertical axis and Bad Fortune at the bottom. The Horizontal axis goes from the Beginning on the left to the End on the right. In the Blind Side the story resembles Vonnegut’s Cinderella example. Michael Oher begins at the bottom of the vertical axis with ill fortune. He is homeless, his family is in disarray, he is not attending school and his only prospects seem to be a life of gang violence. His fortune begins to change when he is taken in and cared for by Leigh Ann and Sean, his soon to be foster parents. He now has some stability. His fortunes begin to rise, he is fed, clothed, housed. They rise higher as he attends school and gets involved with athletics. All is not well, he falls a bit back down due to his trouble with both academics and athletics, but he maintains a safe and supportive home life.  He continue to rise on the vertical axis as he comforts people from his past and as he matures personally, academically, and athletically. As the story moves across the horizontal axis toward the “end”, his good fortune climbs up off the chart, he attends college on a football scholarship, receives a college degree and is drafted into the NFL and professional football. Here is my YouTube video that I created to represent my connection between “The Blind Side” and Kurt Vonnegut,. To make this video I used YouTube video editor. I uploaded the images I wanted in my film and created a caption for each photo and trimmed the duration of each photo to 3 seconds using the editing tools. Enjoy!

In addition, I recently came across this video of an interview with two Albany lacrosse players. It is a digital story because it is a form of technology and it shares a story, hence that is why its called an interview. It shares a story to viewers of the lives of these two lacrosse players.