The Work Itself

This assignment asked to merge two business logos together to create one. I chose the “Fedex” and “Exxon” logos. These two logos mesh well they share common letters. The difficulty level of this assignment is 3.5 stars.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.37.17 PM




The Process, Narrated

I googled a “Fedex” and “Exxon” logo. I then pasted both photos into Microsoft “Pages”. I deleted “ex” part of “Fedex”. I cropped the images so they were touching each other, thus eliminating any white space between the two logos. Then, I took a screenshot, saved it, and pasted it directly onto my blog post. It was a very simple process. It merely was just erasing part of “Fedex” and then cropping and positioning the logos together.

The Story Behind the Story

Fedex and Exxon recently decided to merge together to survive and thrive in this tough economy. The fact that these two companies would merge may seem strange given that Exxon is a American multinational oil and gas corporation, and Fedex is a global courier delivery services. However since gas and oil is a necessity, the CEO of Fedex reached out to Exxon introducing the possibility of shipping and mailing gas and oil. This possibility became a reality.  The merge of both companies saved employees and families from financial disaster. Their move has incited other companies to merge all across the globe.