The Verge Radio Show Review

First, congratulations on a job well done to Stephanie King , Ashlyn Runk,  Emma Sax, Miranda Skinner, and Amanda Wassenberg on their radio show. I enjoyed listening to it, because I could relate to the theme of the show. I play lacrosse here, and love exercising. A hobby of mine is exercising. I hope to be a strength and conditioning coach for a professional or collegiate athletic program.

For the most part the audio sound remained consistent throughout in terms of volume and levels. There were a few hiccups along the way where the volume spiked or dipped, but that is to be expected from using SoundCloud and not performing in a sound proof booth. I did not hear any background noises, such as mouse clicks or chatter. The fact there is no background noise suggests the group was well-prepared and organized.

Every transition was about 10 seconds or less. It incorporated a soft instrumental that I thought fit the production perfectly. The music was soft and calm, which correlates to the voice recordings well. The edits are sharp and concise. I liked how the music background matched the tone and attitude of the radio segment. For example during the Alzheimer’s facts there is a depressing instrumental (time frame 4:28). This correlates well because Alzheimers is an unfortunate and negative condition. The music is very effective in this radio show, because it is not too loud to the point that it is distracting but loud enough for the listener to hear and it reinforces the message.

This radio show is very organized, easy to follow, and has a strict structure. The opening lists the topics that will be covered in order and the group does present each topic in the same order as they stated. Before the start of a new topic, the topic will be addressed so it is easy to follow along with the show. There is a 10 second (more or less) transition between each segment that has a music instrumental to go along with it.

This show drew me in right away when they said it is about physical and mental health. It was easy for me to pay attention because I am already interested in these topics of discussions.

Overall I rate this show 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have no significant issues with it, besides the typical nit-picky errors. My one problem or negative is that Stephanie King’s audion recording is significantly quieter than the rest of the show (time frame 10:17-10:42). Again, this production is well done, creative, informative, and most importantly captivating.