What comes to mind when you when we say “Storytelling”?

Storytelling is the action of telling a story to an audience. The first things that come to mind when I come across the word “storytelling” is childhood, exaggeration, adventure, and sitting around a campfire. Specifically, some images that come to mind are sleepovers with friends, camping, and a full moon. A place I instantly refer to is my friend’s basement. A group of us would sleep there, but before we fell asleep we would always tell a story. Usually it would be a story of a funny moment during school, which the teller would grossly exaggerated for dramatic purposes.

People I think of when I hear or see the word “storytelling” are these same group of  friends. Some sounds that correlate to storytelling is obviously voices, but also crickets or animal sounds. This is because I told stories or heard stories at night when animals are out and about. I recall a few of my friends telling me memorable stories. I distinctly remember one story of me in kindergarten when I stripped naked and ran around the school. My friends repeat this story whenever I see them. However, I have no recollection of this happening so after so many years I am still not sure if it is a fictional or nonfictional story. The purpose or idea behind storytelling is to create an engaged community and pass down important values from generation to generation.

To introduce the word “digital” to storytelling, alters my perception of storytelling completely. I  always imagine and connect storytelling to oral storytelling and taking place alongside other people. Digital storytelling eliminates the physical human connection of storytelling, which is my favorite aspect of storytelling. The fact that a story is being told stays the same, but the way the story is communicated differs. Digital storytelling communicates a message via technology, such as through a video, blog, or tweet. Oral storytelling is passed down from one person to another by way of speech. When someone says “digital storytelling”, I think of videos and visual graphics.