Johnny “Good Guy” Manziel

What if I told you the Johnny Manziel we know, did not exist and instead a different Johnny Manziel existed. Instead of Johnny “Football”, he is Johnny “GoodGuy”. Johnny Manziel has been in the national spotlight of the sports world and American culture/society since he became the first freshman to win the Heisman. What makes him a tremendous football player is the way he plays. He is a free lancing, gunslinging quarterback. Its as if he is playing in the backyard with friends during his grade school days.

However he has a roller coaster football career due to his off the field decision making or lack thereof. His name has appeared in headlines for a number of alleged incidents.

In June 2012, he was charged and arrested for a couple of misdemeanors. In July 2013, he left the Manning Passing Academy earlier after missing sessions and or arriving late. There were rumors he left for other reasons besides “dehydration”. In a spring practice he shoved a graduate assistant coach. I’m going to skip all of his controversial partying habits and fast forward to his NFL troubles.

Earlier this year, he checking into a alcohol rehabilitation center for 10 weeks. Last month he was pulled over by police after a domestic argument with his girlfriend got “out of hand,” according to police.  Just two weekends ago, a video of Manziel raging at a nightclub in Austin, TX on Friday night emerged. Prior to the bye weekend, Manziel assured coach Pettine that he would not embarrass the organization in any way.

I am here to present an alternative storyline for Manziel up to this point in his life. One that would frame him as ” Mr. Perfect”.


I created a highlight video of Johnny Manziel’s best plays in college and the NFL he has made so far. I used the “Highlight Reels” example for this video. This is a sign of only the beginning of what is sure to be a Hall of Fame career. Here is my YouTube video link.


I sat down with Johnny to discuss why he is what he is. Here is a podcast of my short interview with him about his football career. I used the audio assignment “Interviewing the Talent” as the example of my interview. Soundcloud interview 


As a memento of his hard work up to this point in his career, the Browns PR department has rewarded him as the cover of this month’s magazine. This image appears on the cover as the Cleveland Daily Newspaper as well. I referred to the “Sports Poster” assignment as reference to my visual posters.



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That is the end of my alternative fictional story on Johnny Manziel. I hope he can turn this fictional story into reality!