Week 1 Weekly Summary

I completed all the requirements for the week. It was confusing because I have never created a website or done anything similar to an assignment like this. Organizing my website and creating the categories were the hardest tasks for me. On the other hand creating and customizing my own website was the most enjoyable for me. I learned that creating a website is harder than I imagined. I would have started this earlier because the work was time consuming. The reason it took me a while to complete the week one requirements is because I had never done anything like this before. A few larger issues surrounding my work are cultural and socially. Technology plays a huge role in both of these categories. I have the opportunity to impact and influence the cultural and social with my website. With my website I hope to persuade my audience to take my position on the topics I write about. Here are hyperlinks to my social media accounts that are affiliated with my website. Miles TwitterMiles SoundCloudMiles YouTubeMiles Flickr