Weekly Summary

Radio Show Group: I am in a group with Kelsey, Andrew, Adam, and Sean. Our team name is “Grumpy Desperados”.

Participation/Comments: It was fun to see other people’s assignments. I learned how to use new and different resources from commenting on posts. It is also valuable to look at how people did certain assignments so as to help me figure out to do it. For example, I looked at a classmate’s photoblitz and it jumpstarted my photoblitz. I was a little confused at the instructions but looking at my classmate’s work it cleared the air. I commented on 3 photoblitz photos that I thought were the best. Here is the link of my comments on my blog

Links: Miranda tdc1354 commentMiranda visual assignment commentStephanie Visual Assignment commentAmanda photoblitz commentRachel tdc1354 commentAndrew tdc 1354 commentAdam tdc1354 commentAshlyn photoblitzAshlyn photoblitz, Jonathan photoblitz

How to become a better photographer: I took a photography class my senior year of high school so I am aware of photography skills and the basics of it. I took a photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I read all the tips, but the three that I incorporated into my photo were “”use the best lens, put a great foreground in front of a great background, and look to the light.” Here is a link to this specific blog post.

PhotoBlitz: This was a fun assignment. It was unique, I enjoy spontaneous tasks because it forces you to follow your best judgement and follow your first instinct rather than contemplate it. I was not able to take all the photos listed in the assignment, but I was able to take seven of the photos. I took them in my house. It made me aware of how many objects are in my house. Here is my link to my reflection in further detail.

Spiffing up Flickr: For this I only created a best set. I picked five of my favorite photos so far from this class to this point in time. Some I edited, and some are original photos.

Daily Creates: Since this week was of photography all the daily creates involved aspects of photography. For these daily creates I usually had to edit two photos together. These were harder than the past daily creates because it required more work and skill. I used Pixlr Express a lot, I had never used it before this week. The first daily create was to select an image and add icons using The Noun Project. My second daily create was to insert someone or something crossing Abbey Rd. I chose the seahawks secondary. For my third daily create I uploaded a short story talking in pirate lingo on soundcloud. Here is a link to my week 5 daily create page.

Twitter links: #tdc1352#tdc1353#tdc1356#tdc1358

Flickr Links: tdc1352tdc1353tdc1358

Soundcloud: tdc1356

Visual Assignments: This week I completed three visual assignments. “Apophenia” was a required assignment. The other two were my choice. I chose “Here Kitty, Kitty” and “Color Changer“.

My favorite was “Here Kitty, Kitty“. The reason I liked this the most is because it was the most creative and humorous assignment of the three. The directions were to combine two or more animals together to create a fictional animal. It is funny to look at my “Bearfly” and try to imagine one in real life.

For the Color Changer, I chose an image of the pentagon and edited it so as for it to appear in the midst of a nuclear bomb fallout. This assignment asked to edit an image in terms of color hue and background shade to give the photo another meaning.

The Apophenia was difficult because it required a lot of editing which is time consuming especially when I am still not terribly comfortable with Pixlr Editor. I took a photo of a recycling bin and created four augmented versions of it.

To be expected this week was a lot of photography. It was a lot of work but I completed the assignments to the best of my abilities and I believe I did a good job. The biggest challenge I encountered was “Apophenia”. I just had a hard time thinking of what to do and then creating the augmented pictures using Pixlr Editor took me awhile because I am still figuring that application out. Pictures are worth a thousand words, this is a very common phrase but very accurate. A visual story is much more meaningful because it allows people to see what they are relating and connecting to. Visual images elicit emotions easier because seeing means a lot more than hearing something. I perceive the world in a different way when I have visual references, for example a disaster rather than hearing about it. The only question I have is how to embed a flickr link, such as the best set into my blog post? I copied the link but I could not get an image along with a link. I believe I am getting better at this class though, I am looking forward to next week!