Weekly Summary

Video Assignments: This week I had to complete two video assignments totaling 8 stars in terms of the difficulty ratings. For both assignments I used YouTube to upload my videos and then embedded the specific link into my blog post(s).

Compilation Video: My title for this assignment is “2015 Lacrosse Goals“. My blog post includes the embedded YouTube link.I love playing and watching lacrosse, so I knew right away I wanted to make a video of great goals from this past season in Division 1.

DIY Product Commercial: This is the second of my two video assignments. It asks to create a commercial advertising a handmade product. Here is my blog post of this assignment, titled “Reed and Cane Basket Commercial“.

Daily Creates: Here is my Week 10 daily create blog page. On each individual daily create post, I included links to the appropriate social media accounts, such as twitter, flickr. Daily Create 1388 asked to mention a personal happy place. The other three daily creates I did were of photography. I uploaded an image of a “horrogami”, altered an original image of myself into a superhero, and my last daily create of the week was to create a cartoon image of myself.

Look. Listen. Analyze: I was asked to analyze a scene from a collection. I chose to study the scene “Maximus Kills Commodus” in “Gladiator”. This is one of my favorite movies, I love the story line, and this movie really shows off how well it portrayed the multitude of film elements. Here is my detailed blog post of the scene. 

Reading Movies: I read an article “How To Read A Movie” written by Roger Ebert. I wrote a reflection of it on my blog of my analysis and observations of the article. In short, Ebert talked about his tactics of how to properly critique and judge a film.

Participation/Comments: I commented on five people’s blog posts this week. It was fun to see the various daily creates as well as to read a few reflections. The reflections were well written and very educational.

This week went well. I felt comfortable with all of the assignments for the most part. The most difficult assignment was the film scene analysis. Despite reading Ebert’s article and watching a few clips, I still an not completely familiar with filmmaking. Other than that, I enjoyed the video assignments and the daily creates. Looking forward to week 11!