Weekly Summary 6

Daily Creates: This week I completed six daily creates. I did not realize I had done six until Sunday. Here are the links to each individual daily create for week 6. Within the blog posts I have links of that specific daily create to my twitter and flickr. All of these daily creates were photography or photographs. My favorite daily create was tdc1359.

Links: tdc1359tdc1360tdc1361tdc1362tdc1363tdc1365

Design Assignments: I had to complete five design assignments of a total of 15 stars. I chose “Customize a Pair of Shoes“, The “Ultimate Merger“, “Make a Maze“, “This Assignment Is Suspect” (3 stars) was required as well as any 4 star assignment which I chose to do “Cartoon You“. I will give a quick summary of each design assignment.

Chocolate Sin (This Assignment Is Suspect): My suspects were my mom, dad, and brother. The crime was someone ate my cookie, and I had to find the culprit with the few clues I had.

Nike Roshe Earlysville Special Edition (Customize a Pair of Shoes): This was my favorite assignment, because I collect shoes as a hobby and am a big fan of nice kicks. I customized a pair of nike roshe shoes to correlate with the culture of my hometown. For this assignment I used NikeiD for the customization and then used “Insta Picframe“, an app on my phone to create the image and write the text box.

Gotham’s Maze (Make a Maze): This was a simple assignment, I had to make a puzzle or maze either drawing one or generating one online. I went to Puzzlemaker and created a maze.

FedExxon (The Ultimate Merger): I merged the logos of Fedex and Exxon together using Microsoft Pages. I cropped the photos together and overlapped “Exxon” over “ex” of “Fedex”. This was another simple assignment, but an interesting one to think about because companies do merge together in the real world. I think this combination of two companies could be really beneficial to everyone.

“Reel It In” (Cartoon You): I chose this assignment of all the 4 stars or higher assignments. I had to use a picture of myself and turn into a cartoon version. I chose to use a website that converts a existing image into a cartoon. The image I chose is of me fishing at a pond nearby our house.

Love Is In The Air (Love at First Shot): For this visual assignment, there was a twist involved. The twist was to change something about the original picture. To edit the image I used Pixlr Express. I changed the color hue and sharpened the quality of the image, as well as create a border.

Vignelli Canon Reflection: I read Vignelli’s short booklet on design. He elaborates on his three themes that are central to creative design;semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic. Here is my blog post of my reflection in greater detail.

The Design Safari`: I was asked to take photos of at least four of the ten concepts listed. The four concepts I chose to take a photo of to represent are unity, balance, color, and typography. Here is my blog post of the assignment in detail.

Radio Show: Our team name is “Grumpy Desperados”. To communicate we have primarily been using a group email chain. The title of our radio show is “9 lives”, our theme is about 9 people. We chose this title because it correlates to our logo of cats and we thought it was creative and interesting. Here is our logo.