Weekly Summary 7&8

Audio Assignments:

We were instructed to complete two audio assignments of our choice that equal a minimum of 5 stars in difficulty rating. I chose “Do You Hear What I Hear” and “Make Your Own Ringtone(s)“. “”Do You Hear What I Hear” is rated 3 stars and “Make Your Own Ringtone” has a difficulty rating of 2.5 stars.

Here are my audio assignments in more depth. “My ears are bleeding”, and “Wake Up, Wake Up”.

Daily Creates:

I did five daily creates this week, and just one last week. For weeks 7&8, the daily creates were a mixture of audio, design, and photography. My favorite daily create was #tdc1377 because the battle of Fredericksburg took place on the campus of UMW. Here is my daily create blog page for these past two weeks.

Twitter Links: #tdc1374, #tdc1375, #tdc1376, #tdc1377, #tdc1378#tdc1379

Flickr Links: tdc1374, tdc1377, tdc1378, tdc1379

Grumpy Desperados Radio Show (Blog Post):

Radio Show Bumper (Soundcloud): Bumper

Radio Show Commercial (SoundCloud): Commercial

Radio Show group broadcast (SoundCloud): Grumpy Desperados “9 Lives

Our group communicated via e-mail. We arranged a meeting on October 6th before Fall Break. At this meeting, we talked about the project, and how we will go about completing this project. We agreed on Halloween as a theme because it is coming up and it related to our title “9 Lives” because it is a spooky and mysterious holiday which our title infers.

The easiest part of working as a group is completing my individual tasks. The hardest part is communicating, because we have only met once and since everyone has different schedules the email chain is inconsistent in terms of time of reply.

I volunteered to speak about the history of Halloween. I am unaware of the history and the origins behind the holiday. I stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to learn something new.

Our show holds together as a whole extremely well. Everyone did a great job, and Adam did a splendid job of organizing everything together in a way that makes the most sense and has the best flow. Our goals were to inform and explain to people the ins and outs of Halloween as well to humor listeners with the short story. I believe we accomplished all of our goals.

The past two weeks I have done the best in terms of grades. I am much more comfortable in this class, working with audio projects. I enjoy speaking and working with Garageband made life easy for me in terms of audio recording. I feel good about my assignments. I think I did a good job and I think my ringtone assignment is couple of laughs worth. What I expected from this audio section of the class is what occurred. I have done some audio work before so I was well prepared for these weeks.