Weekly Summary

 Over these two weeks, I was required to complete five assignments worth minimally of 16 stars (which I achieved well over) and a required video assignment. I applied my knowledge and skills that I learned from the start of this course, but especially from the last two weeks to complete all the video assignments. Video is a special aspect of technology. It is so important, and helpful to learn in life. I learned a lot this week about video, and I honestly enjoyed making the videos. Below are the assignments I completed along with a short description/summary and a link to my specific blog post of each assignment.

What Do You Love?“: Using YouTube Video Editor, I created a video of my favorite breakfast foods and drinks. My video is a collection of images of various breakfast meals. The video is “I love…Food“. Here is my blog post of my assignment.

Sports Mashup“: Here is my blog post of my assignment. It is a compilation of game winning plays from various sports (NCAAF, MLB, NBA, and NFL). Here is my video, “We Won!“. Additionally here is my blog post in which I describe this assignment in detail.

Highlight Reels“: I compiled knockout highlights of Mike Tyson from his professional boxing career. My video is titled “Lights Out“. Here is my blog post of my assignment.

Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel“: I created a video of a few of Will Ferrell funniest movie scenes of his acting career. Please watch my video “Will Ferrell Highlights” and read my blog post!

Instant Replay“: I took a prank video from YouTube of someone slipping violently. I played the original action in real time first and then repeated the action in slow motion. Here is my video “Caution: Wet Floor“, and my blog post.

Required Assignment (“Have A Conversation With Yourself!“): I am facing a dilemma of how to spend my Sunday Night. Should I watch Sunday Night Football with my friends or study biology? My brains tells me to study, but my heart tells me to watch football. My video is “Decisions, Decisions” and here is my blog post.

Daily Creates: Over the last two weeks, I completed six daily creates. Here is my Week 11 & 12 Daily Create blog page.

Participation: I commented on five blog posts of various classmates. Here is the link to my Participation/Comments blog post.