Weekly Summary 9

Web Assignments:

“Find a Digital Tool”: “Dropbox Digital Tool

This assignment asked to write a tutorial for a digital tool. There are hundreds of helpful digital tools and many I could have chose. I chose “Dropbox” because it is one of the most convenient digital tools available. “Dropbox is a cloud service that you can save anything to. If you download the folder/application, it enables the user to save a video, photo, etc. on a laptop, but it is also saves it your cloud. If your laptop breaks you will still be able to retrieve all the content that is on the cloud.

BuzzFeed Personality Quiz“: “Which SOA Character Are You“?

I picked five characters (Jax, Clay, Opie, Tig, Bobby) to be my results. I created six questions, each question relates to a theme of the television show. There are five answers to each question. Each answer correlates to a character. I generated the answers based off the character’s personality and how I believe they would answer the question.

Storytelling Within The Web“: “Time Machine

This assignment was pretty neat. Using X-Ray Goggles, a digital tool, I altered a Craigslist furniture post. I converted a sofa post to a time machine post. I changed the title, image, and description. I scrolled over the section and click where I wanted to x-ray. The embed html text box appears at the bottom of the page and I have the ability to write anything in that text box. Now I know how people publish fake posts!

All of these assignment appeared difficult, but once I dug into them, they were not as hard as I though they would be. This week’s assignments may be my favorite. I really enjoyed the BuzzFeed quiz. These quizzes are fun to do, because they are quick and scarily accurate. I always wondered how to make one, and now I know! Writing a tutorial for “Dropbox” raised my understanding of it as well as other digital tools.

Radio Shows:

Grumpy Desperados: This is my group’s radio show. We broadcasted about halloween, the history, costumes, events, and a fictional story. Overall I would give our group a 4 out of stars. You can read why I think we deserve this rating and read more about my review on my reflection.

The Verge: I was tasked to reviewing this radio show. It talked about mental and physical health. Right away I was drawn into it because I am very interested in human biology, exercise, and health. I thought this group did a great job, and they are very deserving of a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Please see my reflection for more details of my analysis.

Daily Creates: I did four daily creates this week. This week was a little different for the daily creates. We were asked to add a new component to them, and that component was to connect them into a story.

Story: I am sure you have heard about the snow dance, well have you heard about the criss-cross? I am dancing for excitement in anticipation of homecoming weekend. Last Wednesday I came across a nature stick person. I was really hoping this was not a foreshadowing of this weekend and what I would be like after homecoming. Homecoming weekend was filled with happiness, my happy place is the lacrosse fields but my happy place can be anywhere as long as I am with friends. Finally, the tongue twister. I heard a lot of incidental tongue twisters this weekend.

Here is a link to my week 9 daily create blog page. On each daily create post I linked it to my twitter, YouTube, and/or flickr page.

This week went smoothly for the most part. I was not sure what was meant by hyperlinking and connecting my daily creates together using their separate sites. So I hope my interpretation of the assignment is okay. The web assignments are cool, because I can see my work and even play with my work on the actual web. I enjoyed working with my group for the radio show. It is always refreshing to meet new people and working with groups online will prepare me for the future. Face to face interactions are becoming less and less routine within the workplace. The world is moving too fast for people to arrange a physical and personal business engagement.