Weekly Summary

Daily Creates: I did three daily creates over the last two weeks. All three were about photography, I did not intentionally choose photography creates, it just happened to work out this way. Here is my week 13 & 14 daily create blog page.

Mashup Assignments: Over the last two weeks, I had to complete mashup assignments of a total of 9 stars. I did three assignments. Each assignment was essentially a image editing assignment.

Mashing Friends And Emojis: My friend, Sean was nice enough to be my model to compare his facial expression to that of matching emojis. The emojis I used were the mask emoji and the hands on cheek emoji. Here is my blog post.

Video Game Cover Mashup: I combined the game covers of Call of Duty Black Ops and Justice League Heroes. My finished game is called “Call of Duty Heroes”. It is a first person shooter video game. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

Your Favorite Teams Mashup: I combined three different sports teams logos. I used the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, Tennessee Oilers, and Atlanta Falcons. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

What is Remix: I created a soundcloud recording of my thoughts on mashups versus remixes. Please listen and follow it on my blog post!

Remix Generator Assignment: Fantastic Imaginary Buildings [Remixed]: Mood Swap“. I created a fictional building using various portions of architecture images I found on google. My building is a government top secret laboratory. Here is my blog post of this assignment.

Participation/Comments: I commented on five posts.

These past two weeks were a little more difficult in regards to the assignments. The remix assignment was particularly difficult because it required multiple pictures that needed editing.  Remix and mashup are frequently applied in our culture and media. The mashup assignments were fun, but challenging. This being said I cannot believe this upcoming week is my last week in ds106. I have honestly learned so much in the digital world from this class. I look forward to finishing this class strong!