Weekly Summary

What is storytelling?

In this unit I learned that my notion of storytelling is the traditional theme of storytelling. What I mean is that when I think of storytelling, I think of elder people sharing stories with younger folks so that when the younger folks grow up they can continue to pass down the stories. Everyday I am involved in storytelling. I always listen to or tell someone of my day or someone else’s. Storytelling applies to my interests because I am interested in coaching as an occupation. A big part of coaching is learning from others and using what you learned and then passing that down to others. For example, a coach of mine will tell me how he may run a certain drill and I will copy him and if someone asks me about the drill I will tell them how I came about it. I wrote a full reflection of my thoughts and ideas of storytelling and digital storytelling in my “Thoughts/Ideas” sub section of “Assignments

Daily Creates

This week I completed four daily creates. The first daily create was to create a uplifting message for a classmate who had lost all her work in #ds106. The second daily create was to add a personal line to Levato’s poem. The third tdc was write a short story about an ocean at the end of your backyard. Finally the last daily create of the week I did was pick a movie, replace the title with a single letter change and draw a scene of the new movie title. #tdc1342 of the movie title image was my favorite. I like drawing so this was an enjoyably and easy assignment. I liked this week of daily creates because it allowed for more freedom in terms of imagination and creativity.

Daily Create Links (twitter): #tdc1339 , #tdc1340 , #tdc1341 , #tdc1342

Kurt Vonnegut “Shapes of Stories” 

After watching Vonnegut’s presentation on YouTube, I was tasked with picking a movie that correlated to Vonnegut’s “Shapes of Stories”. I connected “The Blind Side” to Kurt’s Cinderella example. This was the first time I had heard of Kurt Vonnegut and reviewed anything of his work. His presentation did make sense to me as a way to analyze stories. Here is my graphic representation, it is a YouTube video of “Shapes of Stories”. Here is my full reflection of Kurt Vonnegut.

I recently came across an interview of the Thompson brothers. At the time of the video  they were lacrosse players at Albany University. It is a digital story because it is a source of technology and shares an aspect of their lives with viewers.

Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

Of the projects listed I chose “30,000 miles in 30 seconds(ish). This was my favorite story because it was the most interesting. I enjoyed the purpose behind the creation of the project, as well as the actual project itself. Seeing the images of each state and the differences of the landscapes was really neat. Here is my write up in detail of my thoughts/ideas of this story, 30,000 miles in 30 seconds

A Story in Five Frames

My story in five frames is of a college student moving into school. For me, move in day was difficult, but yet special. I am a homebody so going to an unfamiliar place, especially in a big city (SJU in Philadelphia) was nerve-wracking, and scary. I picked images that depicted each major stage of the move in process. The process includes leaving home, arriving on campus, moving into a dorm, meeting new people, and finally saying goodbye to family. I could not figure out how to share it in the group on flickr so I constructed it in my own blog. I did create an album of the five pictures “tell a story in five frames” in my flickr account. I also wrote a reflection.



I commented on five posts from classmates. I enjoy seeing other people’s work, it is interesting to see how someone else did an assignment differently than I may have I done. Also if I am having trouble understanding an assignment I can see what someone else did and that helps jumpstart my work. I replied to everyone who commented on my blog and twitter.

Links: Miranda tdc commentboswell tdc commentmy reply to stephanieAdam’s five frames storyKelsey’s five frames story

My experience with #ds106 is up and down. It was a lot of work and I am still struggling with some of the assignments. I meet with a tutor once or twice a week to ask questions how to install a plugin or how to do this or that. This week was challenging and confusing. In particular the story in five frames was frustrating because I could not figure out to add my story in the flickr group. However I realized I could post it in my blog so that eased my mind. I need help with using tech applications such as photoshop and iMovie. The Vonnegut assignment was hard because I had to figure out to make a movie to demonstrate my connection which took me a long time. I am trying my best though!